No recruiter sets out on a mission to hire the wrong person for a position, but it happens. For this reason, recruiters are seeking practical, novel ways to find and hire the right individual for the job the first time around. Consider some of the ways that recruiters make wiser choices on to find the ideal candidate.


Investigate the Candidate on Social Media

The Harvard Business Review suggests that nearly two-thirds of recruiters are searching the names of candidates online they are interested in hiring. No company wants to hire an individual that reflects negatively on the company brand, so recruiters explore the social media profiles of candidates to determine if they uphold the type of values and viewpoints that the company respects. Doing so grants the recruiter insight into the candidate’s personality and behavior that may never be displayed during an interview. If the candidate appears immature, sarcastic, or cynical, the recruiter will often condemn him or her and select someone else who has a confident personality and online reputation.


Perform Background Checks

Conducting a background check remains one of the top ways for recruiters to find the most suitable and professional candidates. A background check may include education verification, employment and income history, drug test results, and even your credit score. Individuals who have a clean background check in all areas are considered prime candidates for hire.


Use Data Analytics to Sort Resumes

More employers are getting smart about finding the right candidates in a pile of resumes by using data analytics software. By typing job-related keywords into the database, hiring managers can identify the most compatible candidates in a pool for a particular position.


Pinpoint Candidates Who Put in Extra Effort

Nowadays it is easier than ever for anyone to apply for jobs online or by smartphone, but hiring managers are looking for candidates who will go above and beyond what is required. As a result, recruiters pay more significant attention to people who write unique cover letters and resumes that correspond closely with the position they are applying for.


Ask Tougher Interview Questions

More job candidates are becoming used to the typical interview questions that hiring managers use, so they prepare custom answers and recite them from memory. However, recruiters seeking the best candidates know to ask tough, unfamiliar questions that the interviewee does not expect to gain honest insight.


Using effective techniques for recruiting employees reduces employee turnover and saves a company from investing in the wrong people. If a recruiter combines instinct with strategic tactics to find eligible candidates, it simplifies the process of finding the right employee.