Some people scorn the young members of the population and say that they are entitled, selfish and lazy. However, many know that this information is not true. In fact, young people can transmute into proficient leaders. Individuals who are working on this goal can keep some tips in mind to help them.

Have a Mentor

When individuals have leadership as one of their goals, they often think that they have to climb this ladder without support. However, this thought is false. A mentor doesn’t necessarily have to be called upon for every issue. Instead, this person can act as a source of information when the leader doesn’t know what direction to go in.

Be Confident

People who are constantly questioning their own decisions are simply not leaders. While coming across as overly confident is often unattractive to colleagues and clients, having the right balance of confidence can promote trust and conversations. Leaders who are more confident in themselves might also take healthy risks that help further their goals.

Establish a Network

Young leaders should recognize that other young leaders are trying to make it in the world too, and this situation can lead to some healthy competition. Still, young leaders can also network. They may act as essential resources for one another, or they might become business partners. It’s also possible that being part of a more global community helps to inspire individual leaders.

Attend Events

Attending networking events is undoubtedly important, but so is going to conferences and workshops and attending other learning experiences. In fact, a divide between young leaders and more mature leaders doesn’t necessarily have to exist. If both parties would accept the fact that they can learn from one another, then leaders, in general, might have more skills.

Use New Technologies

For all leaders, using new technologies is so critical. Younger leaders are likely competing with entities that employ cutting-edge methods of technology, so doing so is necessary to stay updated and relevant.

Being a young leader is certainly exciting. This role provides power and opportunity. Still though, regardless of how much or how little experience a leader has, working on certain skills is important for maintaining this prominent position in the world.


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter