Your ability to lead will affect your career now and into the future. Everyone has weaknesses. However, what sets you apart is your ability to find out what yours are and fix them so you can achieve more success. Here is what you need to know:


Ask Your Friends & Family

Your friends can often point out weaknesses in your leadership style you didn’t know you had. Because they have seen you interact in social situations, they have seen you lead in them as well. Ask them to identify a few things that they would change.

Your family knows you better than anyone else due to being around you your whole life. Your personality may have changed somewhat over the years, but they know your leadership ticks. So see what they have to say.

Poll Your Team

Your employees will be able to point out unique characteristics of your leadership based on how you have led them throughout your career. If you are afraid they won’t be honest and try to sugarcoat things, make it anonymous. Ask them to drop their opinions in a box with no name on the paper.

Customer Feedback

If you are a leader in your company, your customer feedback is going to represent a lot about your leadership style. This is especially true if you are the face of the company. That means that your brand is directly tied to your ability to lead.


If you are truly leading in your company, then your sales will reflect that. If they are not where they need to be, try a different tactic. If sales go up after that, then perhaps you just boosted your team’s performance with a great new leadership style that you were lacking.


Consultants are not just there to give you ideas for new products or your marketplace. They are third party observers that are experts at asking questions and getting to know you. Consider bringing in a consultant to look at your leadership style in action. You might be surprised by what they notice.


When it comes to leadership, no one said it was easy. However, with the right approach, you can find your weaknesses. That way, you can overcome them to lead even better than you are now.


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter!