Whether you are the owner of your own business or if you are in charge of a group of coworkers, knowing how to lead and remain calm under pressure are two of the most critical skills to have in the world of business. When you are capable of leading any number of co-workers or employees, it becomes much easier to set and achieve goals that ultimately benefit your company and everyone involved.


Think on Your Feet

Having the ability to quickly “think on your feet” both literally and figuratively helps display confidence and authority, especially when discussing new ideas or providing feedback to others. The more you know about various topics or subjects that are often discussed at work, the easier it is to provide quick input and responses, prompting others to view you with more leadership qualities.

Learn to Delegate Effectively

When you are working as a manager or the CEO of a company, delegating to employees is an essential part of running any organization smoothly and efficiently. Learning to delegate efficiently allows you to optimize your employees’ time while also allowing you to maximize the revenue you are capable of generating.

Improve Your Body Language

Consider how you stand, speak, and respond to others when talking with co-workers and employees. Improve your posture, speak with confidence, and ensure you keep your feet pointed at others while standing and conversing to improve your body language in any professional environment. With enhanced body language in the workplace, show off confidence while displaying your comfort level with those around you, encouraging them to trust you and to look to you for advice and guidance with future projects.

Controlling Your Emotions

One of the essential qualities of any leader in business is the ability to control emotions, regardless of the situation at hand at any time. Managing your feelings now only shows that you can remain calm and think clearly through a difficult situation, but it also shows others around you that you are not vulnerable to potentially tricky and disastrous situations.

Keep an Open Mind

Remain open-minded at all times, and avoid going into meetings or conversations with a biased or prejudiced view of the topic at hand. The more open-minded you remain, the easier it is to gain respect from employees and co-workers who truly feel you value their time and input.


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter!