Ryan Krutzig

A Sales and Operations Professional


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota.

Ryan Krutzig works with National default service providers performing Occupancy and Insurance Loss inspections in a variety of States to help clients become more successful in difficult coverage areas by negotiating price, volume. Krutzig is responsible for overseeing all sales operations including providing support where needed to ensure successful business operations. With over 43,000 property inspections/services for clients each month, Ryan ensures employees are supported and clients are satisfied.

Currently Ryan oversees the following departments:

Operations, Inspections, Training, Client Relations, and Sales.

Ryan and his team are full service team that is in Compliant and approved with Wells Fargo and the Dodd Frank regulations with second to none Service in process serving, mobile notary, mobile closing and field inspections. As a sales professional, Ryan Krutzig appreciates the ability to set his own goals and get back exactly what he put in.

As the Director of Sales and Operations, Ryan Krutzig successfully applies his advanced analytical and problem solving skills to drive the desired behaviors in our sales leaders and individual sales contributors to leverage best practices and improve performance. Krutzig analyzes business results and provides actionable insights to ensure the success of Sales. As the Director, Ryan is responsible for managing other aspects of Sales Operations including reporting and business management.

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