According to, the things most workers would agree are important – such as impressive salaries, months of vacation time, and light workloads – are not the top reasons that they value their jobs. Instead, employees prefer workplace perks and long-term benefits. Creating a great work culture is just as, if not more, important than salary and vacation time. Not only will an excellent work culture keep your employees happy, but it will also keep them with the company. Here are four simple tips for creating a long-lasting positive work culture.


1. Communicate

It’s a fact that employees want more communication. In fact, a survey completed by Survata found that more than 70 percent of employees want their companies to improve how they communicate information. Besides keeping your employees informed, be sure to keep up with frequent communication. This could mean sending out a weekly email with business updates or holding a monthly team meeting. Communication will help your employees feel a part of the team.


2. Recognize Success

Employees value recognition of success so be sure to do it! Praise your team for working hard and meeting company goals. While rewarding an employee with cash or gift certificates are nice gestures, providing food or company merchandise are other great incentives.


3. Be Flexible

Due to technology advances, companies and employees are no longer reliant on the traditional 8-5 workday. Many employees may face conflicts between work and family life so be sure to be flexible. Offering to have employees work from home one or two days a month and having flexible working hours can help keep your team happy.


4. Help Develop Your Team

Offering development opportunities to your team will not only help your business but will allow your team to build personal growth. Younger generations especially want to have the chance to grow within their field. Companies can offer on the job training, reimbursement for educational classes, networking days, mentorship programs, or assistance with developing a growth plan. There are many ways to help build your team without just paying for their classes.


Creating a positive and healthy work culture is essential for success. Be sure to check back soon for another round of helpful tips for creating a great work culture!


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter!