Creating a positive and strong work culture is necessary for success. According to a 2016 Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report, 86 percent of respondents viewed company culture as critical or very important to business achievement. This percent is not surprising but what is surprising is that even though so many believe their company’s culture is essential, only about 12 percent said they think their company is “driving the right culture.” This creates a problem for businesses because culture is vital for success, yet few businesses are achieving a great work culture.

In a previous blog, I discussed four ways to create an excellent work culture. Here’s another three that are equally important to developing a positive and healthy work culture.


1. Build Trust with Transparency

According to, 90 percent of workers find honesty, fairness, and trust as the three most valued attributes in the workplace. A primary key to building trust is staying transparent. It is important to share as much information you can about the company with employees. This includes sharing company goals, growth, performance metrics and more. By sharing this information with employees, this shows that you trust your employees. Remember – being transparent also includes having the honesty to say the truth, even if it means you have to be the bearer of bad news.


2. Provide Sense of Purpose

Providing a sense of purpose is another key to creating a great work culture. Purpose and productivity go hand in hand, so it is vital to provide meaning to your employees. While a sense of purpose will differ from employee to employee, a few ways to offer purpose include internal promotions, giving recognition and credit, and having employees work on a big picture project.


3. Give and Receive Feedback

Feedback is another essential component of great work culture and includes both positive and negative feedback. Feedback is valuable because it allows employees to know if and how they are meeting their goals. It is important that feedback is timely and focused on the future. Another major part of feedback is allowing employees to offer input to the company. Be sure to take the time to ask your employees questions about business operations and if they have solutions to company concerns.


Having a great work culture will help lead to business success. By following my seven tips, you will be sure to have a healthy and positive work culture!


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter!