Teams that can work together efficiently and effectively will be the most successful. Unless you are a solo entrepreneur, you work in some type of team and success rides on how your organization works together; This is why team building and development is crucial to business. Team building activities are a great way to get your team to connect and work along better. Finding the right event can be challenging because not every team is comfortable with certain types of games or exercises. It is essential to choose an activity everyone feels safe and comfortable doing.


Ice Breakers

While icebreakers are generally used to introduce a new employee, these small exercises are great for weekly team meetings. Icebreakers are very useful when forming a new team, but using them continually helps co-workers get to know each other better and improve their ability to work well together. Icebreakers are great for weekly meetings or a small amount of time, but if you want a more substantial team building activity, check out the other suggestions.


Free Games

If you are in need of a low-budget team building activity, check out this list of over 60 free games. Team building exercises do not have to cost money to develop trust, communication, and relationships. Many great options only require time and participation.


Bond Over Lunch

Another great way to build team relationships is by bonding over lunch. Providing a free lunch to employees not only allows the team to relax with one another, but they do not have to take away personal time, and they receive a meal.


Outside of Work

Smaller and quicker team building activities are great, but more significant events can be more rewarding and productive for your employees. If your team is interested, spending time outside of the office is a great way to build relationships. Be sure to allow your team to help decide what activity you choose; one way to do this is by sending an anonymous poll where employees can pick which event they would like to do. Examples of team building activities outside of the office include rope courses, volunteer work, and a nice dinner.


It is essential to develop and maintain successful team relationships for the most productive and efficient business. There is no one size fits all team building activity, but what is vital for every team is some type of teamwork development.

Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter!